Rainbows are aged 5 – 7 years of age.

Rainbows follow a fun and exciting programme that’s all about learning by doing, developing self-confidence and building friendships.
Girls get their hands dirty with arts and crafts, do sports, get in touch with nature and play games with girls their own age (5-7). Everything a Rainbow does helps her to develop and to think for herself, in a safe girl-only environment. We look, learn, laugh and love at our meeting every week.

Rainbows learn and grow through a programme of age-appropriate activities, trips and adventures – both in their regular meetings and at special events.
They can work towards interest badges, where they can learn about everything from recycling to storytelling, and start their skills builder journey, developing core skills and trying new things like camping, leadership and first aid.

There’re even awards they can earn, like the Rainbow Gold award and the six Theme awards, that show their commitment and encourage pride in their achievements.

  • Rainbows Look – helps girls to realise that they are part of a wider world.
  • Rainbows Learn – takes in many activities both in the unit and outside.
  • Rainbows Laugh – a lot! Guiding is great fun at any age. Parties, games and songs are just a few of the things that Rainbows get up to in this area.
  • Rainbows Love – encourages girls to be kind and caring towards others whether at home, school or the Rainbow meeting.

Rainbows make this simple Promise

They share with members around the world…

I promise that I will do my best,
To think about my beliefs,
And to be kind and helpful.

When We Meet?

  • 1st Castletown Rainbows – Tuesdays
  • 1st Halkirk Rainbows – Thursdays
  • 1st Thurso Rainbows – Tuesdays
  • 1st Lybster Rainbows – Tuesdays
  • 1st  Wick Rainbows – Thursdays
  • 2nd Wick Rainbows – Thursdays

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We are part of the largest voluntary organisation for girls and young women in the UK. We are part of the Highlands and Islands region of Scotland.

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